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Gold Scams to Watch Out for Including Blanchard and Company

Just as most gold coin companies and precious metal dealers rely on advertising to entice consumers to call them and trained sales people to close the deal during the call, Blanchard and Company Inc. also depends on aggressive advertising. They typically advertise for their gold coins in the Wall Street Journal and on the radio, and rely on the fact that they have been in the business since 1975 to establish their reputation and reliability. Blanchard & Co. claims that they are the largest rare coin retailer in the nation, and have an exceptional Better Business Bureau rating. Sounds pretty good on paper, right?

However, just like many of the other gold companies, they use deceptive tricks and tactics to sell gold coins to consumers or collectors. One such tactic is pointing out that gold is a smart purchase because inflation is most likely going to rise. They indicate that their top-quality coins are going to increase in value and surpass stocks, as they have done in the past.

One of their commercials says "In a rapidly fluctuating economic environment, there's one investment that's rock solid: American Eagle Bullion coins." This claim alludes to the fact that gold is a solid investment, and to purchase gold coins for times of uncertainty. However, no investment is certain.

What happens when gold prices start falling and you are afraid of losing money? Blanchard & Co. makes this claim: "You can always feel confident with a Blanchard and Company, Inc. coin since we'll buy back whatever we sell you." What they don't tell you is that they will buy back whatever they sold you at the current market price.

How to Prepare Yourself

Do your research and do not rely on the words of an advertisement. Do not let a salesperson scare you with their predictions on the U.S. economy or inflation. While gold has been increasing in the last few years, there is no guarantee that it will continue. If you choose to purchase gold coins, you need to do the best research you can before purchasing from one specific company.

What to Look For

Although there are many places a consumer can purchase gold bullion coins and rare coins, one should look at the business's reputation, reviews from others who purchased from that company, and the Red Book values in comparison to what that company is charging, and purchase from a well-known and established business.

How an Investment Fraud Attorney Can Help

If you think that you have been taken advantage by Blanchard & Co., or believe you are a victim of gold coin fraud, please call the Voss Law Firm. Rare coin fraud attorney Bill Voss will be able to listen to you and find out if you have a legitimate gold or rare coin fraud claim. Call us at 866-276-6179 today.

You can also download a FREE copy of attorney Bill Voss's book: Coin Fraud - Is Your Investment At Risk?

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