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Are You a Business Owner? You're a Target for Litigation

In today's political and legal climate, business owners are at a disadvantage—despite the perception of the public that “the business of America is business” and corporations can get away with anything and everything. It's very common for the owner of even a small business to be sued by:

  • State or local authorities, who claim unethical business practices or evasion of licensing laws
  • Federal authorities, for perceived environmental or regulatory transgressions or failure to pay taxes
  • Employees who claim workplace harassment or discrimination, or say they were injured by plant conditions
  • Customers who maintain that a product is hazardous, or there was a breach of contract in providing a specific service
  • Other companies in the same industry, who claim unfair competitive manufacturing or labor advantages, or the theft of trade secrets
  • Pretty much anyone who wants to get a big payday, and perceives a business owner as having deeper pockets than other potential targets

If you own a business anywhere in the U.S., you might as well paste a big target to the back of your three-piece suit and expect to be sued. What can you do? Well, a good first step would be to hire the services of an experienced business attorney from the Voss Law Firm That will aggressively defend you against suits brought by employees, customers, or the competition. Contact us at 888-276-6179 for a free consultation today!

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