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Following the violent windstorms that moved through the Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic regions recently, many homeowners were left with property damage. The majority of property damage claims resulted from high winds, as the gusts caused power lines and trees to fall.

The downed trees caused serious damage to many homes’ roofs, shingles, and even foundations, causing homeowners to turn to their insurance companies for their wind-related claims. The claims are coming in from the entire mid-Atlantic region, but Ohio was hit hardest, according to officials. 

  • State Farm has received over 29,300 windstorm-related claims, including over 7,000 from Ohio alone.
  • Nationwide received more than 15,000 windstorm claims, with more than 5,000 from Ohio and 3,000 from Virginia.
  • Farmers Insurance reported 800 property claims so far.
  • Other carriers, such as Allstate and Liberty Mutual, among others, haven’t provided claims numbers.

The residential insurance claims are still continuing to be reported, and the official totals are likely to be even higher than the numbers above. Because insurance companies are being flooded with property damage claims caused by these windstorms, policyholders need to know what to expect. 

Insurance adjusters will provide settlement offers to victims of the storm; however, their first offer is typically lower than what most homeowners likely deserve. In order to make sure you are receiving your fair amount under your insurance policy, you should consider speaking with an experienced insurance claim attorney prior to filing your windstorm insurance claim. 

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Before filing a claim we should be fully aware of the whole process and it is wise to prefer a loss assessor in this case as he can make sure that you get maximum of what you are covered for.
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