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In the winter, people gather around a fire or turn up their heaters to keep warm when it’s cold outside. Most people turn their furnaces on without ever giving a second thought to how safe it is. However, some furnaces may be hazardous and cause harm to your family and home.

How can a furnace be unsafe?

There are many furnaces that have caught on fire or have caused carbon monoxide exposure. In fact, one of the largest manufacturers of furnaces in the country recently distributed products with defective parts that could cause fire hazards. Consolidated Industries made furnaces for more than 49 brands including some of the most commonly known HVAC companies in the world. Unfortunately, some of their products produced prior to 2001 have potential risks.

Some of these brands are common household brands people trust, but many furnaces produced prior to 2001 could have potential defective parts. Some of the defective parts include:
  • Burners
  • Heat exchangers
  • Expansion joints 

When furnaces that posses these risks fail, they can cause a fire. 

In 2009, Consolidated Industries settled a private class action lawsuit. However, there are still these types of furnaces and defective parts in homes to this day. It is important to get your furnace inspected by a professional in order to avoid a Texas fire and potential residential insurance claim. 

If your house did catch on fire due to a defective furnace, please call a knowledgeable and trusted Texas insurance claim lawyer at the Voss Law Firm for help with your fire insurance claim. We will answer your questions, help you understand your insurance policy and provide you with a free book, Disputes With Your Insurance Company, in a free legal consultation at 888-614-7730
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My furnace was made after the date mentioned and by another manufacturer so I am assuming I do not have an issue.
by Gary Kennedy October 18, 2012 at 03:45 PM
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