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In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: Spotlight on New York

Hurricane Sandy had a devastating impact on New York yesterday, knocking out power to millions of residents, flooding a substantial portion of Lower Manhattan and causing widespread flooding and wind damage throughout the state. Unfortunately, Sandy has also claimed the lives of at least 17 people in New York - the count may still climb higher as the full extent of the damage and flooding unfolds. It will be days, at least, before parts of Manhattan are functional, and the storm damage caused by Hurricane Sandy looks like it’s going to exceed any of the historical damage that New York has suffered in the past.


Hurricane Sandy

NYC Hit Hard by Sandy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New York City is struggling with fires and flooding caused by the killer storm. By mid-afternoon today, the city still struggled with widespread power outages, flooding and fires. NYC has dealt with 23 substantial fires so far, including one that destroyed over 80 homes in the Queens neighborhood of Breezy Point. Flooding caused explosions in a power substation in Manhattan, and over 700,000 people in Manhattan remained without power by Tuesday afternoon. The transit system remains non-functional, although Governor Andrew Cuomo says that full bus service will hopefully resume on Wednesday. Seven subway tunnels remain flooded today, and it is likely to be some time before full service resumes.

The city also suffered substantially from wind damage, with hurricane-force winds literally ripping the facade off some buildings. Tree damage was substantial, with trees destroying homes, and at least some of the storm’s death toll caused by trees falling on houses.

Additionally, New York state is not out of woods yet in terms of flooding. A lot of rain fell, and continues to fall, in some parts of the state. River flooding remains from yesterday’s storm activity, and the water may still rise as rain continues to pummel parts of New York.

For many New York residents, it’s likely to be weeks or months before life returns to normal. When people are able to return to their homes, the process of assessing the damage and starting the cleanup begins - a process exacerbated by the widespread nature of the damage, and the expected high demand for a limited number of resources.

For the families in New York who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy - our hearts are with you. If you need help dealing with insurance companies in the days to come, don’t hesitate to call on Bill Voss, Policyholder Insurance Attorney.

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