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You have contacted the insurance company regarding suspected sinkhole damages on your property. You feel strongly that you have a sinkhole on your property, but your insurance company does not agree after their evaluation. Don’t give up; you may have the following options:
  • Continue to keep communication lines open with your insurance adjustor. Ask them to have an engineering firm test your soil.
  • Report it to the local authorities. If the sinkhole contains water, some counties will have their local water management staff inspect the suspected sinkhole.
  • Hire an engineering firm to test your soil and property. The insurance company may have tested the soil previously, but you can retest it to make sure. However, if you do this, be prepared to pay the costs, which are thousands of dollars.
  • Hire a Texas insurance litigation attorney to challenge the insurance company.

An insurance claim attorney will know what to look for on a geological report, know if the insurance company did their job of investigating your claim properly, and help determine the cause of damage to your property. 

Even if the insurance company agrees to pay for the sinkhole testing, you may still be out your deductible and other sinkhole-related damages to your property. Many sinkhole claims should involve property damages to fences, walls, ceilings, and cracks in foundations. For help with your sinkhole claim, talk with a skilled Texas insurance litigation attorney at the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 to receive a free legal consultation today.
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