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How easy or difficult is it to win a trademark lawsuit?

Trademark violation lawsuits can be complex and difficult. This is why it is extremely important to make sure you have the right attorney for the job. A business attorney who is skilled in trademark litigation will be able to review your case and inform you about your rights, a course of action, whether it is possible for you to win your trademark lawsuit, and approximately how long and how much money it will take to fight a trademark violation in or out of court. 

In essence, a trademark is a right to prevent others from using your mark or a similar trademark that causes brand confusion. If you have a trademark that is being muddied by another company, then you have a right to pursue a trademark infringement lawsuit. However, sometimes the courts will not see it the way you see it. Before you spend your own time and money pursuing an infringement issue, you should meet with a skilled Houston business attorney to help you understand if there is confusion between your trademark and a third party, or at least how a court will view the issue. 

Although the first couple steps are easy, a trademark infringement lawsuit can be complicated and difficult. 

  • First, meet with an attorney to determine if someone is infringing your trademark.
  • Second, send a trademark threat letter explaining that you will sue for trademark infringement. 
  • Finally, pursue a trademark infringement lawsuit with the help of an experienced trademark lawyer.

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