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I believe the insurance company misrepresented information in my policy for their benefit, not mine. Can I sue them for doing this?

Yes, you should be able to bring a civil lawsuit against the insurance company for misrepresenting policy provisions. This is what is called bad faith practices. Some other bad faith practices include delaying payment, underpaying your claim, and denying your claim altogether. Insurers often participate in bad faith actions because they hope that policyholders will accept their decisions and go away without a fight.

According to Texas law, insurance companies have to act in good faith. This means that they have to pay the insured damages covered under the policy promptly and fairly. If they do not act in good faith, then policyholders can file lawsuits against them for breach of contract and bad faith practices.

The majority of policyholders do not know that they can appeal the insurer’s decision or fight them in court, which is why many people accept the insurer’s unfair practices. If you believe the insurance company breached their contractual obligations to you, then you may have a case against them for bad faith.

It is in your best interest to find out if you have a legitimate case by allowing an experienced Texas insurance litigation attorney look over your insurance policy to determine if your claim was unfairly denied. The Voss Law Firm can review your policy to find out if you are entitled to benefits under your policy, and we can help you fight the insurance company for those benefits. Call us today at 888-614-7730 for a complimentary consultation.

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