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How can I make home improvements that will lower my insurance premium?

Making some simple home improvements is a great way to lower your homeowners insurance premium – and a great way to reduce your chances of property damage. From replacing your garage door to changing your locks to retrofitting your entire home, changes of all sizes can lower your insurance bill and make your house a safer place to live. Below, we've listed just a few common projects that can protect your home and save you money:

  • Add storm shutters.
  • Reinforce your roof.
  • Buy better shingles or roof protection.
  • Add earthquake retrofitting.
  • Install cripple wall bracing. 
  • Install holddown brackets.
  • Install foundation bolting.
  • Modernize your heating system.
  • Modernize your electrical system.
  • Modernize your plumbing system.
  • Add an alarm system.
  • Add deadbolt locks.
  • Add smoke detectors.
  • Add a sprinkler system.
  • Fence your yard, swimming pool, or trampoline.
  • Eliminate your swimming pool or trampoline.
  • Eliminate your diving board or pool slide.
  • Install shatterproof windows and glass.
  • Install motion-activated exterior lights.
  • Buy a reinforced garage door.

Before making these improvements, be sure to check with your isnurance company to verify that there will be a discount associated with your home project. Also, make sure that you choose home improvement projects that make sense for your region; for example, don't retrofit your home for earthquakes if you live in an area that doesn't often experience big quakes. Also consider the initial cost of your home improvement – and whether that cost will be worth the added protection and insurance savings in the long run.

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