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We had a fire destroy our house and the insurance company is claiming arson, but it wasnt. Can I fight back? What are my options?

When dealing with a fire, insurance companies will look for any reason to deny your fire loss claim. For the insurance company to deny your residential fire claim, they have to have facts. They cannot simply deny your claim due to their speculation or suspicion that the fire was started by arson.

We have seen many insurance companies, acting in bad faith, attempt to deny a homeowner’s insurance claim because the fire department was unable to locate the source of the fire. If the insurance company has accused you of arson or insurance fraud, it is in your best interest to hire a skilled insurance claim attorney to handle your fire insurance claim.

You can fight back, but you will need to have another fire investigator inspect your home in order to receive another opinion. If the second report contradicts the initial fire report, then you could have the fire investigator read his testimony on the stand, if needed.

If your insurance company has denied your Texas fire insurance claim, you need to contact an attorney who handles fire loss claim denials at the Voss Law Firm. Our attorneys will fight to get you the full amount of insurance benefits that you are entitled to.

Please call one of our knowledgeable and experienced Texas residential insurance litigation lawyers to schedule a free, no-obligation case consultation at 888-614-7730 today. You can also get a FREE copy of insurance litigation lawyer Bill Voss’s book: Disputes With Your Insurance Company – What All Consumers Need to Know.
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