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What are some critical things I need to know about an offshore injury?

If you have been injured while working at sea, there are several important things you should be made aware of for your own safety. While everyone would like to believe that their employer would provide the proper care needed after sustaining an injury, this is just not the case a majority of the time.

If your injuries were caused by your employer’s inability to properly train you, provide a safe working environment, or supply you with the tools needed to safely complete your job, contact a Jones Act lawyer immediately.

A skilled attorney will be able to help you navigate the complex legal system to ensure that your rights are protected as you recover from your injury.

All seamen should be aware that:

Your employer may not have your best interest in mind. Many employers will use tactics to avoid having to pay your medical bills or other injury-related financial burdens.

The company doctor can not always be trusted. The company doctor works directly for your employer and is trained to minimize your injuries on reports in order to save your employer from costly medical bills.

The doctor may also try to convince you that you are able to return to work before you have truly recovered. It is important to visit your own personal doctor following any work-related injury.

Signing documents without the presence of your lawyer could forfeit many of your rights. NEVER sign anything without the consent of your personal attorney. Some documents that your employer may present you with limit your ability to take legal action against them at a later date.
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