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Northeast Businesses Suffered Economic & Property Damages from Storm

Posted on Mar 06, 2013

As the East Coast is still recovering from Superstorm Sandy, another storm hit portions of the Northeast region leaving a trail of damage from New York to Maine and across New England due to hurricane-force winds, heavy snow, and coastal flooding. Snow was waist-high in Boston, and hundreds of thousands of homes were without power in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut—even the government in those states imposed a travel ban to keep people safe and vehicles off of the roads. However, most of the New York metropolitan area was spared from another round of power outages and property damages.


There was one group of people really affected by the weekend blizzard dubbed Nemo—restaurant owners throughout the Northeast. Many restaurants were forced to close throughout the weekend and through Monday due to power outages, road closures, and driving bans. Even several Starbucks locations closed in parts of Long Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine on Friday, February 8, 2013, but promoted a free tall coffee on the following Monday “to help customers warm up and dig out.”


Unfortunately, winter storm Nemo hurt many business owners economically due to business closures. Additionally, many homeowners suffered property damage—some roofs collapsed due to heavy snow and ice—causing more residential insurance claims throughout the Northeast on top of the significant damage many homes and businesses already received during Superstorm Sandy.


If you suffered economic losses due to your business closure, road closure, or driving bans, you may be entitled to financial compensation under your policy for your commercial insurance claim. If the blizzard caused your home or business roof damage or other property damage, you also may be eligible to receive insurance claim benefits to repair your damages.

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