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Roof & Property Damage in DC Area From Strong Winds Toppling Trees

Posted on Mar 30, 2013

Residents in the Washington, DC area were expecting a huge snowfall, but instead the Capitol District bore the brunt of strong winds. The winds were so fierce that many trees were blown down, resulting in much property damage to the area. According to reports, the storm that moved across the area on Wednesday, March 6, 2013, caused major damage to trees, which in turn damaged roofs of homes, crushed vehicles, caused other property damage, and led to injuries.


The storm-damaged trees landed on homes, vehicles, and even people. Sadly, a man in Fauquier County died trying to clear the downed trees from his property. While he was cleaning up, another tree fell and struck his head, causing his death.


In Prince George’s County, the wind brought down a tree onto a house while the family was inside cooking. The family came rushing outside when the tree crashed into their Capitol Heights home. The tree caused roof damage, but thankfully no injuries were reported; however, the tree landed on the stove and caused a small house fire that the Prince George’s County Fire and EMS extinguished.


Additionally, in Montgomery County, a tree fell on an SUV that was occupied by a man and woman who both received minor injuries. In Northwest DC, a large tree landed on power lines but didn’t appear to damage any homes or vehicles.


As large trees fell throughout the region from high winds during this powerful storm, many suffered serious property damage, injuries, and even death. 

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