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Weekend News Roundup

Posted on Aug 10, 2015

News From Around the Nation on the Damaging Effects of Fire, Tornadoes, Hail

Cleveland, Ohio—Smoke could be seen for miles as the eight-story Finance Building in downtown Cleveland was engulfed by flames Saturday evening displacing fifty-five people. The blaze originated in the eighth-floor penthouse apartment while the owner was away: no one was injured in the fire. Thanks to the quick action of over 80 firefighters the fire was contained within an hour.

Efforts to quell the inferno were further complicated by the building lack of a sprinkler system, causing firefighters to use a 120-foot ladder, and carry hoses up the eight flights of stairs. Residents of the apartments will not be able to return to their homes until each is assessed by fire and building officials—a process that could take days or several weeks. Learn more.

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Northwestern Arizona—Wildfire crews continue to battle a blaze that began Saturday morning in Needles, California. The fire has spread to over 6,780 acres and has prompted some 1,000 home evacuations in the Mohave Valley area since Sunday. Fire has already damaged close to 11 structures according to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. While crews received relief from unexpectedly high humidity and calm wind, there are still 75 homes in the affected communities that have evacuation orders still in effect. Learn More.

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Springfield, Massacheusetts—A 2011 tornado’s damaging effects are still being felt in a Springfield community, but hopes of a new South End Community Center are being rekindled. An $8.2 million bid has been accepted by the city and plans for a two-story, 28,000-square-foot building with room for offices, classrooms, sports facilities and more are underway. Learn More.

California—Dubbed the Jerusalem fire, due to its close proximity to Jerusalem Road in Lack Country, California: the rapidly spreading blaze has already encompassed an area of 3,00 acres as of Sunday afternoon. Evacuations are in effect, and the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. Learn More.

Click Here to View of Map of Active Fires in the U.S.

Boston, Massachesetts—The damaging effects of hail were felt by a Delta Airlines Flight from Salt Lake City on route to Boston. Due to a Hail storm, the flight was forced to land in Denver International Airport after sustaining damage to its windshield and nose cone. Pilots were able to navigate safely to the ground thanks to the help of air traffic controllers, even though their visibility was compromised. Passenger Beau Sorenson said “I didn’t realize that we were in as much danger as we were until we got on the ground and actually saw the damage to the plane,” Sorenson said. “Then I realized we were lucky to be alive.” Learn more.

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New Orleans, Louisiana—A decade after one of the most devastating storms to ever hit the U.S.; “The Big Easy” is starting to shows remarkable signs of progress. NPR takes a look at statistics ranging from the sentiments of residents, to the sense of pride the city’s people are taking in the progress. Learn More.

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