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When Your Neighbors Receive New Roofs from Hail Damage, but You Don’t

Posted on Feb 17, 2013

Serious thunderstorms, strong winds, and hail lead to significant residential insurance claims across this nation. While most homeowners believe that their insurance companies will pay their property damage claims, some are finding out that their insurance companies can refuse to cover their damages. This is what happened recently in Orange County, Florida.


Many Orlando homeowners sustained destructive damage to their properties caused from a powerful hail storm. Several of them told Action 9 that they never saw hail like this, but their insurers denied their insurance claims; meanwhile, other insurance companies paid for neighbors’ damaged roof claims.


Homeowner Ed Cornejo told Action 9 that Security First, his insurance company, paid for his pool screen repairs since the hailstorm ripped it apart; however, the insurer then denied his roof damage claim. He stated that his neighbors got new roofs paid for by their insurers, although different insurance companies were involved. There are about 100 new roofs in his neighborhood since the hail storm, but his insurer rejected his roof hail damage claim. Why?


According to Security First, the roof claim was denied because its engineer determined that the shingle damage was from sun blisters and not from hail. However, matting on the back of the shingles was broken and neighbors received new roofs after the hail damage, which is causing Cornejo and several other homeowners in the neighborhood to appeal their insurance companies’ decision of denying their claims.


This incident once again begs the question: Are insurance companies saving money at the homeowner’s expense by denying insurance claims?

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