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Your Weekly Insurance Claim Summary: June 10 - 16

Posted on Jul 19, 2016

When it comes to dealing with your insurance company, it can seem like an uphill battle in order to get them to pay out on a claim. It turns out individuals aren't the only ones that have some problems getting their insurance companies to pay up.

Last week, the town of Adair, Oklahoma ran into what could be a financial nightmare when they were told by their insurance provider it would not be paying out on a claim. The claim in question has to do with water damage sustained on the town's fire station. 

It turns out that after a particularly bad rainstorm, the first station's gutters could not handle the flow of water. Because of this, the water ended up causing damage to the exterior and interior of the building. Adair believes the total damage is going to cost more than $17,000 to fix. 

The insurance company has stated it isn't going to pay the claim because the building was not outfitted with "proper guttering." The town has had an independent contract look at the gutters in question and he has even said he would be willing to stand up and speak to the insurance firm and explain he does not believe the building had improper guttering at all.

While the town of Adair has lawyers at its beck and call in order try and get the insurance company to pay up, most people feel as if they are all alone whenever they need to do battle with their providers. 

If you believe that your claim has been unfairly denied, contact us at the Voss Law Firm today. We specialize in getting clients the money they need after their insurance company denies their claims. It doesn't matter if you are talking about your home or your business, we've got you covered. For more examples of this kind of problem, please see our weekly insurance claim update

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