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A natural disaster can cause unimaginable losses in a few short hours, causing property damage and long-lasting effects that are completely beyond anyone’s control. As you already know, insurance companies these days do everything possible to minimize claims after each disaster, leaving policyholder property owners without the funds they need to pay the professionals they have hired to make repairs. However, many disaster victims discover that the same insurers who were happy to collect their premiums for years are quick to abandon them in their hour of need.

According to FEMA's Own Data, Over 40% of Businesses Never Re-Open After a Large Natural Disaster - Don't Let This Happen To You!

The Voss Law Firm is proud to represent homeowners, commercial property owners and contractors nationwide who have been treated unfairly by an insurance carrier after a natural disaster. Our bad faith insurance claims attorneys work to get you the funds you are owed for roof damage, damage to walls and insulation, electrical repairs, carpet replacement, mold damage, asbestos mitigation, temporary lodging costs, and even total loss compensation.

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Over 5,000 clients have relied on The Voss Law Firm, P.C. for claim assistance, including both residential and commercial property. We have been continuously serving our clients for more than 15 years handling more than $500M in claims.

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If you are not sure whether or not to proceed:

Hurricane DamagesMany property owners are not aware of the ability to get attorneys fees paid by the insurance company as part of their claim. This is almost certainly the fastest way for you to get a meaningful settlement, especially if your claim has been wrongfully denied, delayed, or underpaid.Why us? We handle each case with passion and are efficient because we know our clients want justice and want it quickly. We know what is needed and can do our part quickly.

The Voss Law Firm, P.C. still gets excited about accepting property claim referrals from a variety of professionals as well, including:

  • Public Adjusters. Public adjusters may place an accurate value on a client’s claim only to see the claim denied or devalued, leaving owners out-of-pocket while they enter negotiations.
  • Contractors. Time spent fighting with an insurer can cost a contractor in labor and materials costs, delaying rebuilding for months on end.
  • Roofers. Many roofing companies who regularly repair hail damage to commercial and residential properties refer stalled insurance claims straight to us.
  • Trade Professionals. Our Texas-based insurance law firm secures payment for engineers, architects, landscapers, and interior designers so that work can be done timely.

If you proceed now, you can possibly have a settlement reached relatively quickly.

We help policyholders get payment for all kinds of natural disasters, including:

Hurricanes. Hurricanes have caused record damage in the U.S. over the past several years, with coastal towns and cities reeling from at least three severe tropical storms each year. Hurricanes Florence and Michael caused devastation that may take years to repair fully, while owners remain faced with the total loss of their homes and livelihoods.

Floods. Flooding due to storm surge and heavy rain is a constant risk for residents and property owners in coastal cities. Unfortunately, many insurers will not cover flood damages that are a direct result of a natural disaster.

Hail. Hailstones can cause immediate damage by breaking windows and denting siding, but they can also compromise the integrity of the roof and cause damage in the future. Not only do insurers typically deny roof damage claims due to hail, but they may also refuse to cover any water leakage, drywall and foundation damage, or other structural problems that originally resulted from hail damage.

Tornados. Tornados can cause millions of dollars in damages, causing whole towns to file insurance claims in order to rebuild. Unfortunately, an insurer’s first reaction after a major disaster is to minimize the number of claims and reduce the amount paid out on each one.

Earthquakes. Responsible residents may have gone to the trouble of purchasing earthquake coverage only to see their claims denied, delayed, or underpaid by insurers who are trying to retain as much profit as they can.

Wildfires. Residents of drought-stricken areas know that fires can sweep through towns and industrial areas in a matter of minutes, leaving owners to cope with chemical residue from smoke and soot, melted windows and siding, cracked foundations, or the loss of the entire structure.

Severe storms. Any adverse weather event has the potential to cause significant damage to homes and commercial buildings. High winds can send tree limbs through windows, heavy snow or ice can cause roofs to collapse, and lightning strikes may cause long-term power outages and damage electrical wiring. Insurers will often nickel-and-dime such claims, leaving owners to pay the majority of costs out of their own pockets.

The Voss Law Firm has extensive experience taking on insurance companies to get clients the money they need to rebuild or make repairs. We will examine the terms and limits in your property insurance policy, establish what types of natural disasters are covered, and determine whether the insurer acted unfairly in response to your claim. If the insurer will not offer an adequate amount for your losses in negotiation, the Voss Law Firm can file a bad faith insurance lawsuit to recover the full amount of your policy limit—and if your suit is successful, the insurer may be ordered to pay attorney fees, court costs, and additional damages.

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How Does It Work?

Get Started in Three Simple Steps:

1 We’ll schedule and complete a quick conversation to review the specifics of your individual situation. During that conversation we’ll review your claim information. There is no fee for this consultation. Our fees are always contingent of winning the case for you, and are typically a percentage of the estimated settlement value.

2 If you agree to move forward, we will complete and sign a letter of engagement, and then a qualified appraiser will complete your estimated damage valuation. We will also provide you all documents proving your verified loss amount, which we’ll need to submit to your carrier. The Voss Law Firm, P.C. can typically complete this step in the process very quickly.

3 You can choose to either accept or reject the offer made by your insurance carrier. If you reject the new offer, you can instruct us to move forward with needed litigation. Potentially, you will be able to recover all damages, plus get all of your attorney's fees paid!

And of course, anytime you have questions, we’ll be here to answer them for you.

If an insurance company isn’t taking your disaster claim seriously, please reach out for a personal phone call with Attorney Bill Voss at (888) 420-1172, or click one of the 'Contact Us Now' buttons on this page to start the process.

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