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Even when high winds are not a part of tornadoes or hurricanes, those strong gusts can still be destructive. After a storm’s high winds, property owners commonly struggle with roof damage, window damage, damage from trees and branches, and other wind-related damage. Unfortunately, even though many policyholders do their best to submit appropriate wind insurance claims, they sometimes run into trouble negotiating with the insurance company, fighting unfair denials, and getting the results they need from their claims.

If you are struggling to fairly settle a wind insurance claim, don’t wait any longer to reach out for help. The skilled attorneys with the Voss Law Firm have extensive experience helping policyholders of all kinds settle wind-related insurance claims, and we would be happy to talk about your concerns today in a completely free case review. To learn more, you can call us today at 1-888-614-7730.


Maximum recovery for wind damaged home or business can often be difficult. Below are some of the most common questions we get from homeowners and business owners during the wind damage insurance claim process. If you don't see an answer to your questions don't hesitate to call 1-888-614-7730 to speak with one of our experienced wind damage insurance claim attorneys.

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QDo insurance carriers cover damages caused by a derecho?
Damages a derecho can cause are often compared to damages a tornado produces. Because derechos are natural disasters, your insurance company should cover your property damage that was caused from strong winds. A derecho by definition is a long windstorm accompanied by... learn more
QWhat can I do if a wind damage claim for my farm has been denied?
Agricultural policyholders rely on their insurance policies to protect their livelihoods- and sometimes even their homes, too. Farm policies can be very complex, and how they cover wind damage can vary a lot depending on the type of farm or agricultural business you own... learn more
QWhat can my business do if the insurance company refuses to pay for losses from high winds?
Whether you believe your commercial insurance claim for wind-related losses has been grossly undervalued or unfairly denied, it's time to start taking action to find out why you aren't getting the results you need. Here are three questions to ask yourself... learn more

Experienced Wind Damage Insurance Claim Liability Lawyers Help You Assert Your Rights in Wind Insurance Claims

Many areas throughout the Western and Southern regions of the United States are especially prone to high winds, but there are many different types of wind-related weather events that may be common in any particular region. Derechos, downbursts, straight-line winds, and other types of storms may go by special meteorological names, but they all involve strong or violent winds—and they can happen almost anywhere. Learn more about the different kinds of high winds.

High Winds Can Do Major Damage To Your Residential Home

Although usually less severe than the winds that accompany hurricanes or tornadoes, these kinds of high winds can still be very destructive and very costly. Strong winds rarely topple buildings or completely level properties, but that doesn’t make it any easier for property owners who have suffered unexpected losses in a storm.

Property owners may be looking at a range of damages after high winds, including:

Damaged roofing

Broken windows

Damage to siding and exteriors

Damaged vehicles

Damaged HVAC systems, pipes, and skylights

Damage to outbuildings

If your property has suffered from wind damage, don’t allow complications with your insurance claim keep you from recovering fully from your property losses. Speak with the wind damage insurance claim liability lawyers at the Voss Law Firm at 1-888-614-7730 today for experienced help asserting your policyholder rights.

Common Difficulties With Wind Insurance Claims

It may seem like a simple process to file a claim for lost shingles or a few broken windows, and sometimes it is. However, many property owners instead find themselves struggling to get a fair settlement from the insurance company.

They may run into a number of potential problems with windstorm insurance claims, such as:

Claims that the property damage existed prior to the high winds

Claims that problems with maintenance led to the damage

Disagreements over repair and replacement costs

Claim denials and coverage surprises

Overlooking less severe or deeper damages while assessing the most obvious losses

Claims that involve multiple parties and insurance companies

Rushed or incomplete assessments and estimates

Unfair delays in resolution of a claim

Underpayments for wind losses

wind damage insurance claim liability lawyersUnfortunately, while these issues are fairly common, these kinds of problems are often used as excuses for the insurance company to deny legitimate wind-loss claims. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up or accept less than your claim in worth. An experienced wind damage insurance claim liability lawyers can help you fight back against the insurance company if you feel you’ve been treated unfairly or your rights have been violated.

Experienced Wind Damage Insurance Claim Liability Lawyers Can Help You Resolve Difficult Insurance Claims

If you’ve only suffered fairly minor losses in a windstorm, you may not need any help with your insurance claim. However, if you’ve suffered extreme losses or are running into trouble getting the results you need, it’s important to understand that you have rights as a policyholder—and an experienced attorney can help make sure that you are treated fairly and able to account for all losses.

An attorney who is experienced with policyholder claims can help you:

Avoid common mistakes and hassles.

Get clear answers and explanations.

Understand which damages may be claimed under your coverage.

Maximize your recovery.

Get appropriate assessments, estimates, and documentation.

Negotiate with the insurance company and handle concerns.

Account appropriately for unique needs and considerations.

Prioritize temporary and long-term recovery efforts.

For more information, or to schedule a free case review to discuss your concerns, contact the Voss Law Firm today at 1-888-614-7730.

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