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Top 10 Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make When Filing Your Insurance Claim
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There Is Finally a Book to Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes When Filing an Insurance Claim

Why do insurance claim mistakes happen? Insurance companies often make mistakes to their benefit so that they do not have to pay policyholders what they should receive. However, policyholders have been known to make mistakes because they didn’t know any better. This is why you need to be educated and knowledgeable about your insurance coverage in order to receive the benefits you deserve.

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When you are unaware of your insurance policy benefits, you may miss out on financial compensation under your policy. As an insurance litigation law firm, we want you to receive every penny that you deserve, which is why you need to avoid these ten costly mistakes:

  • Failing to read and understand your insurance policy
  • Not being proactive with the insurance claim process
  • Delaying the filing of your claim
  • Failing to document conversations with your insurer and damage and repair estimates
  • Not communicating clearly
  • Signing documents you have not read or don’t understand
  • Believing the myths and other word of mouth information surrounding your insurance claim
  • Not protecting your property against further damage
  • Failing to be proactive and request a monetary advancement in writing for living essentials or to protect the property against further damage
  • Waiting to seek legal help for an underpaid or denied insurance claim

As policyholder insurance attorneys, we wrote this book to help you understand the importance of not making the above mistakes in order to get the insurance claim payout you deserve. However, even if you are proactive, knowledgeable about your rights, and understand your policy, the insurance company may still unfairly underpay or deny your claim.

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