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Apartment Building Owners: File Your Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim

As Hurricane Sandy finally swirled up the East Coast earlier this week, residents worked quickly to protect their homes and businesses. But those who owned apartment complexes and rental properties faced a unique worry in the days and hours before the storm charged in: keeping their tenants safe and making certain that their properties were at a low risk for damage.

The damage left in Hurricane Sandy’s path

Unfortunately, even the best prepared apartment complex owners and landlords could not stop all that fury that Hurricane Sandy brought with it. With winds gusting up to 110 miles per hour and feet of floodwaters, the category 1 hurricane affected 22 different states, causing minor damage in some and catastrophic disasters in others – fires raged in Queens, beaches were swept away in New Jersey, and three feet of snow fell in West Virginia.

Early predictions put losses at between $5 billion and $20 billion – and among those affected are thousands of landlords and rental property owners who are struggling to make certain their tenants have what they need while also ensuring that the damage to their property is repaired and paid for.

Filing an apartment building or rental property insurance claim

If your rental property has been affected by Hurricane Sandy, it is imperative that you understand your insurance policy and act quickly and carefully to file a claim. At Voss Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping rental property owners navigate the insurance claim process, especially after large storms that can complicate and delay the process. A storm with the size and range of Hurricane Sandy will likely result in thousands of insurance claims – a situation that may affect how insurance companies respond to claims and make settlements. One of our knowledgeable, experienced insurance claim attorneys can make sure that you are treated fairly.

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