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BAD FAITH Insurance Adjusters Hold All the Cards

When a homeowner or business owner suffers a significant loss due to an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, fire or other devastating event, they sometimes have to battle their insurance companies to return their phone calls, make a fair claim offer and pay their claim in a timely manner.

When insurance companies undervalue a claim, delay payment of a claim, or refuse to pay a property insurance claim, they may have little justification for coming to this decision. When an insurance adjuster wrongfully offers less than what they know is fair and what a claim is worth, they are participating in bad faith insurance.

What is bad faith insurance?

Insurance companies hold all the cards, and they know that. This is why they can sometimes get away with acting in bad faith. For example, when an insurance company waits for six months to offer a $30,000 payment on a claim they know is valued at $150,000, they are hoping that someone will be so desperate for the money that they will take it and not challenge the undervalued claim offer.

If an insurance company is reluctant to settle a valid claim and turns the heat on their own policyholders, making accusations instead of payments, they should be held accountable for their bad faith insurance practices. Sadly, these practices are a well-known occurrence in this industry. If you are not happy with the way your insurance company is handling your property insurance claim, you should talk with a knowledgeable insurance litigation lawyer.

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