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Business Interruption Claims Related to Hurricane Sandy

For business owners, we know that it was not just your home that was at risk and likely damaged in the monstrous storm surge of Hurricane Sandy, it was also your livelihood. Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast with record breaking force, leaving residents stranded and without power. Even worse is the financial toll that business owners took as they had to lock their doors and lose out on valuable profits. Now, to help recover some of their losses, businesses are filing claims in an effort to get their doors back open and start serving their communities again.

If you are one of the many business owners in this position, there are a few ways that having legal representation can help you get back on your feet faster and with a fair settlement.

  • Fight low-balled or denied claims – If you have filed a claim and did not receive the compensation you know you are entitled to, having a lawyer on your side can help. This is an important step in standing up for your rights as a business to the insurance company so that you can get the best settlement after this tragic disaster.
  • Get temporary funds for temporary facilities – The facilities where you operate may have been damaged, but there are likely warehouses, factories and office spaces that you can use temporarily. This is important and can be arranged by your lawyer so that your business can stay operating even while damages get repaired.
  • Manage emergency work – Temporary roofing, asbestos control and electrical work are all necessary for the restoration of your facilities. With the help of a lawyer, you can get the experts on your side to make this happen efficiently and effectively as your business recovers from the damages it incurred during Hurricane Sandy.

We understand the pain your family and community is suffering and as business owners ourselves, we understand your need to reopen your doors as soon as possible following Hurricane Sandy. Contact our offices for the legal representation for your Hurricane Sandy business interruption claim and get the help you need to start moving forward in your company again quickly.


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