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Can weather be weaponized, and what is my greatest protection?

There have been many articles written over the years on this very topic. The Guardian reported back in 2015 how the CIA had been controlling weather since Vietnam. The Bloomberg Opinion also had a compelling article in 2020 on how China had been controlling weather for a long time, in order to help its agriculture Industry in drought striken areas. In 2021 The Council on Foreign Relations posted an article by The Internationalist with a differing viewpoint of the weaponizing of weather.

The Guardian reported in 2015 that, “Weaponizing the weather is nothing new. UK government documents showed that, 99 years ago, one of six trials at the experimental military station of Orford Ness in Suffolk sought to produce artificial clouds, which, it was hoped would bamboozle German flying machines during the first world war.” The Guardian report from 2020 goes on to tell us that “Like so many military experiments, these trials failed but cloud seeding became a reality in 1967/68 when the US’s Operation Popeye increased rainfall by an estimated 30 % over parts of Vietnam in an attempt to reduce the movement of soldiers and resources into South Vietnam.”

The Bloomberg Opinion from 2020 also has a compelling article stating that “Last month 16 artificial rain enhancement rockets were launched off the back of a pickup truck 300 miles south of Beijing. The operation, ordered up by the Juye County Metorological Bureau in response to a local drought, was reportedly a success. The Bloomberg Opinion from 2020 goes on to state, “Over the next 24 hours, the county received more than two inches of rain that, according to local officials, alleviated the drought, lowered the risk of forest fires and improved air quality.” Bloomberg also reported in 2020 that, “Earlier this month, China announced plans to expand its rainmaking capabilities to cover nearly 60% of the country by 2025.”