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Checklist for Bastrop Fire Damage Claimants

If you're one of the thousands of Bastrop residents looking for help after fire destroyed your home, chances are you don't know where to start.

As experienced Bastrop property damage attorneys, we want to ensure that you get the maximum amount possible to rebuild your life after this terrible crisis. Before filing your property damage insurance claim, make sure you take these important steps:


  • Call your insurance provider. You will need your policy information to pursue a case against the insurance company. If your documents were lost in the fire, your insurance company can send copies.
  • Document everything. Always take photos or video recordings of the damage as soon as you can. If your paperwork was lost, request copies of documents from your insurance company. 
  • Make a list of lost items. It's hard to remember everything that was in your home. Try noting the most expensive items first, taking it room by room, and working toward small items like jewelry, cameras, or cell phones.
  • Note vehicle damage. Many Bastrop residents lost their cars completely. A vehicle claim can be made if your car was significantly damaged or totaled by the flames. 
  • Use online resources. If your receipts for your household items were lost in the fire, check your online bank transaction history or credit card statements for records of sale.


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