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The Small Details Matter in Insurance Claims for Condominium Fire Damage

They say that the “devil is in the details,” and that’s especially true for condo owners and management companies who believe that they are fully protected by the fire insurance they carry. While you may faithfully pay the premiums for your fire protection each year, you may be disappointed by the reality of how your coverage works out after you’ve sustained losses. In fact, depending on the small details surrounding the fire and related damage, the insurance company may even deny your claim.

Details Matter After Condo Damage Due to a Fire

In the aftermath of a condo fire, don’t assume that it will be an easy matter to file an insurance claim. Ultimately, the success of your claim will hinge on the exact details of:

  • How the fire started
  • What damages were sustained
  • How damages are documented
  • The policies carried by residents and the condo association

These details will have an impact on who is financially responsible for damages and repairs, how much is paid for damages, and the types of damage that are covered—and it can be a lot more complicated than many policyholders are prepared for.

If you are struggling to get a fair outcome for your condominium damages after a fire, don’t give up. An experienced policyholder attorney can help you get the evidence, documentation, and fair treatment you need to get the most out of your claim and start the process of recovery and repair. For more information, simply contact our team directly by phone, or fill out the convenient contact form on this page with your concerns.

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