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Did You Know That You Could Get Medical Insurance Coverage When You Travel Asks Insurance Claim Attorney Bill Voss

Nobody wants to get sick while traveling. If you are on vacation, sickness will definitely mean a waste of all the time, money and effort you spent in planning your getaway. If you are on a business trip, it will mean cancellation of meetings, among others. The worst part about getting sick while you’re away from home would be spending more money while you get treatment in a foreign place. You would most probably feel anxious too knowing that you are in the hands of unfamiliar people. While you cannot totally avoid getting sick while you are traveling, you can at least prepare for it by getting medical insurance coverage.


The following may be covered by your travel medical insurance policy:

Transportation costs if a qualified physician requires your evacuation for treatment to the nearest medical facility or to your home country due to a sickness or physical injury.
You can have access to a telephone number or service where you will be able to speak with a doctor who speaks your language while you are abroad.

You can have access to a physician monitoring service where a qualified physician from your home country can monitor the treatment you are receiving from a physician in the foreign country.

Expenses for the repatriation of the remains of the insured in case of death.

Cash payment to the insured or his beneficiary in case of loss of limb, accidental death or loss of sight.


Should you decide that you want to get travel medical insurance, make sure to bear the following things in mind:

Inquire from your insurance company about the maximum amount covered and the deductibles, if any.
Most policies cover emergencies only. Inquire from your insurance company about your coverage when you are moved from the emergency room to the recovery room.

Some policies will require you to obtain prior approval from your insurance company before you can seek medical help.

Most policies will require you to advance payment for the medical services that you will receive and the insurance company will reimburse you later on for the payments made. Make sure to keep all receipts, prescriptions and other documentations that you can use to support your claim.
Review your existing medical insurance. Your current policy may cover overseas travels so you no longer need to get a separate travel medical insurance.

Check the medical care offered in the country you are visiting. Some countries have socialized medical care where you will not pay for any medical care you receive. Thus, a travel medical insurance may not be needed.

Review your insurance policy to know the rules with regard to pre-existing conditions. Normally, insurance policies do not cover medical problems that arise within 60 days prior to the purchase of the policy. Coverage will also depend on how recently you have been treated for the condition.

Your medical insurance coverage might not be honored if you travel to a country that your country has classified as at-risk and warnings have been adequately given regarding this.

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