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DIY Projects and Insurance Denials: What you need to know

Do-It-Yourself projects can be rewarding, by allowing you to unleash your creativity, save money, and learn new skills. Whether it is renovating your kitchen, building a treehouse, or crafting your own furniture, the possibilities are endless. However there is one aspect of DIY projects that goes overlooked until it’s too late: insurance claims and subsequent denials. Below are some potential pitfalls of your projects and how to navigate insurance issues: 

DIY Dilemma

Knowing your Policy


Policies can vary from one provider to another and it is crucial to know what your coverage includes and excludes. Most standard policies voce damage from unexpected events, but not damage caused by DIY activities.


DIY Dilemma

Home Improvement

Insurance companies are typically hesitant to cover damage caused by DIY projects for several reasons. 

  • They consider DIY work riskier than professional work. 
  • Projects often lack warranties and guarantees that my professionals offer.
  • Projects don’t always adhere to building codes and standards, increasing the potential for accidents and damage.


Common DIY Insurance Denials

Claim Denied

  • Home Renovations: Accidentally damage another system i.e. electrical or plumbing. 
  • Longevity of projects: Collapses and damages or worse injures something. 
  • Electrical: On top of injury or death to you, fire or electrical damage. 


Solutions to Mitigate Risk

Building Permit

  • Obtain Permits: Ensure you acquire the necessary permits and adhere to local building codes and regulations. 
  • Use Quality Materials: Invest in materials and tools to reduce chances of accidents, damage and increase the longevity of your project.
  • Consult Professionals: For complex challenges, i.e. electrical or plumbing work, it is best to have them as a guide or able to take over if needs be. 
  • Document Your Work: Keep records, photographs, receipts and any correspondence with professionals. This can be crucial when dealing with insurance companies. 


DIY projects can be fulfilling, especially upon completion but understanding the possible pitfalls can save you lessons and money down the road. 


At the Voss Law Firm we strive to help you get back to normal as fast as possible after an insurance denial or “low ball” offer. If you feel you have been unfairly treated by your insurance company, please call (888) 296-1986, input your information for a Free Claim Review or chat with us today. 


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