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Electrical Malfunctions Are Responsible for a Large Number of Fire-Related Marine Losses

Once an electrical fire starts, it can be hard to put out—even if you’re on the water. Electrical issues are one of the biggest causes of fires on marine vessels, and they’re often extremely damaging because:

  • They need to be extinguished appropriately. Special chemical extinguishers are generally needed to contain an electrical fire because it can easily spread or reignite. If a fire starts when you’re on the water, it can be difficult to fight the fire if you don’t already have the needed emergency supplies on hand, so even a small blaze can quickly become a major crisis.  
  • They can be difficult to find before they start. With electrical fires, small problems can become big issues over time, and they can start from easily overlooked problems like small leaks, weather damage, sloppy wiring, wear over time, and use of shore appliances on board.
  • The insurance claims that follow a marine fire can be challenging. Depending on the type of marine fire coverage you carry, you may be entering into a fight to recover your losses from your insurance company after an electrical fire. It’s very common for insurers to blame boat fires on the policyholder, and there are often misunderstandings over the terms of coverage.

Marine policyholders—large and small—need to be prepared for emergencies and unexpected property losses, and what you don’t know can cost you. For more information about marine losses and the insurance claims that follow, don’t miss out on a free copy of our book, Your Basic Guide to Marine Insurance Claims.


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