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Excuses Insurance Companies Use to Deny Your Texas Fire Claim

When a fire occurs in your condo, home, or place of business, it is often associated with significant loss. Not only does the structure of the unit get damaged, but you may also lose your personal belongings, your vehicle (which may have been parked in the garage), pets, and other miscellaneous items. Your world has been turned upside down due to this destruction, and now you find yourself fighting with the insurance company to get what is rightfully yours.

Because there are significant costs involved, your fire insurance company will conduct a comprehensive investigation looking for anything they can to deny your Texas fire claim. Remember, insurance companies are not your friends; they are in the business of limiting the amount of money they pay out.

Possible Denial Tactics Fire Insurance Companies Use:

  • They may misinterpret policy provisions (interpreting your policy differently than when you first purchased it).
  • They may tell you that you have insufficient coverage.
  • They may claim arson, fraud or illegal activity.
  • They may hire an expert to rule in their favor.
  • They may delay paying your claim due to its suspicious nature.
  • They may say you had unpermitted work such as electrical issues and faulty wiring.

Do not let the insurance company tell you "no" and deny your property damage claim. Let us help you get what you deserve. Our experienced Texas insurance claim dispute attorneys can review your insurance policy and challenge denials of benefits. We are skilled at working with insurance companies and getting our clients what they deserve.

If your insurance company denies your fire claim in Texas, please do not take "no" for an answer. Give the Voss Law Firm a call and let our skilled Houston insurance claim litigation lawyers help you fight for your rights. Call the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 for a free legal consultation today.

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