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Fatigue Increases Human Error Leading to Maritime Accidents

Is the shipping and maritime industry behind others in tackling the problem of fatigue on the job? Cardiff University Centre for Occupational and Health Psychology has released a report about fatigue endangering vessels, crews and the maritime industry.

The report finds that there is tremendous evidence showing that maritime fatigue is a real problem and a threat to the safety of seamen. The study also showed that the industry is hesitant to invest money and other resources to prevent fatigue from occurring at sea.

The maritime lags behind other industries when it comes to regulating hours of work and rest. For instance, in civil aviation, flight time is regulated to 70 to 100 hours of flight time a month, whereas the maritime industry permits 98 hours a week. Working too many hours can cause a crewmember, seafarer, fisherman, offshore worker, or others to endanger themselves, others around them and their environment, leading to maritime accidents.

There are even studies that compare fatigue to alcohol and the affect it has on a person's ability to function. Fatigue at sea increases human error, impairs performance, decreases alertness, and is a leading factor in many maritime accidents.

The maritime industry needs to look at adopting practices that are already in place in other industries to prevent fatigue-related accidents. For tips for reducing fatigue in the maritime industry, please read our article Fighting Fatigue in the Maritime Industry.

If you have been injured at sea in a maritime accident that was caused by your fatigue or a co-worker's fatigue, you may have rights under the Jones Act. For more information, please call the Voss Law Firm to speak with an experienced Texas Jones Act attorney in a free legal consultation at 888-614-7730 today.
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