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Door County Apple and Cherry Farmers Looking at Extensive Crop Damage After Hail Storm

According to a recent report from Wisconsin Public Radio, a storm that left Door County coated in several inches of wintry-looking hail could have a serious effect on the cherry crop this year, as well as many other crops produced in the region.

The storm, which moved through the area on Tuesday, July 15, came only a few weeks before the cherry harvest was set to begin. Cherry producers in the region are looking at huge losses, and many are taking steps to recoup losses on bruised fruit by processing salvageable crops for the juice market.

Cherry producers weren’t the only farmers affected by this storm. Apple farmers are also reporting losses, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Peninsular Agricultural Research Station reported total losses of tree fruits, grapes, corn, and winter wheat.

Fortunately, many agricultural producers in the area should be covered by their crop insurance, which will help to mitigate the many losses across the region. This is the first year that cherry farmers have been able to secure insurance protection for their crops, and this recent storm only underscores the importance of this kind of protection for Wisconsin farmers who are at the mercy of the weather.

Getting the Most Out of Agricultural Insurance Claims

Even if you carry insurance for weather-related crop losses, it doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll be compensated fairly for the damages you’ve sustained. If you are running into mysterious delays, denials, or other complications, don’t hesitate to consult with an experienced policyholder attorney, who can help you get the most out of the coverage you pay for. For more information, request your free copy of our book, Understanding Agricultural Insurance Claims.

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