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Getting Married - All About Wedding Insurance Claims

Your wedding will most probably be one of the most memorable days of your life. You vow to spend forever with the person you love. You profess your love for each other surrounded by the most important people in your lives – your families and friends. You spend months (or even years for some) planning for that day. You save money just to make sure that you can pull out all the stops and have a wonderful wedding. The important details – from the venue, the food, the gowns, the entourage, the ceremony, the invitations, the shoes, the rings – as well as the minute ones – the napkin holders, the giveaways, the seating arrangements, the songs that will be played, the games, the chairs, etc. – are carefully and thoroughly planned and studied. The bride can even turn into a bridezilla because she wants every little detail taken care of.

While these things may appear weird or out of this world, they can really happen. And if you are the one getting married, no one can really blame you for wanting to have a perfect wedding day. But at some point, you do have to realize that there will be some things beyond your control, especially on the big day itself. For instance, you can’t predict the weather accurately. Or you can’t know beforehand that one of the members of your entourage will get sick or have an emergency. Worse, there can even be events during the wedding that can cause other people harm and you might end up liable for the damage. Fortunately, there are some scenarios that may be covered by insurance wherein you can be protected for occurrences that may be beyond your control. Here are some of them:

Wedding Insurance

Yes, you read that right. There are actually insurance policies that are meant solely for wedding insurance claims. If you really want to make sure that all bases are covered, then you might as well get a wedding insurance. This type of insurance can cover liability and risks associated with weddings. The exact situations that will be covered will depend on your insurance company. In some instances, this can cover cancellations of weddings due to emergency situations or inclement weather.

Homeowner’s Insurance

If you are holding your wedding at your or your fiancé’s home, then you may want to check on the homeowner’s insurance. If you have an existing one, check if the coverage can be extended to include the wedding. In case such is not covered, then you need to either get an endorsement from your insurance company for your policy to cover the wedding or buy a separate liability policy that will specifically include the wedding.

Liquor Liability Insurance

If you are serving liquor during your reception and you know that your friends have the tendency to be nasty when drunk, you may want to get liquor liability insurance. Do not rely on general liability insurance as it does not usually cover injuries or damages resulting from acts of a drunken person. Do note that some states also require the host to share a portion of the liability if he served liquor and allowed guests to drive from the event drunk.

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