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When property damage occurs, no matter whether you have an "actual cash value" policy or a "replacement cost" policy, you will need to get your own repair estimates, even though your insurance company will provide you with estimates their own adjusters have taken.

Because the insurance adjusters work for the insurance company, it is in their best interest to provide you with a modest settlement. This is why it is essential for you to get the right repair estimates so you know how much you really need to rebuild your home or repair the damage.

Remember that for either type of coverage, you are under no obligation to accept the insurance company's settlement offer. You can reject it, negotiate with them, or hire a lawyer who will fight to get you a higher offer. A skilled insurance litigation lawyer will also be able to get you the right type of estimate to back up your insurance claim.

If you attempt to file your property damage claim without a lawyer, make sure you do not let the insurance company force you into quickly accepting their first offer. They know that the longer your claim remains open, the longer you have to discover an additional loss that you may have overlooked initially.
Don't be shocked if you receive a check in the mail from the insurance company wanting you to accept payment for release of your claim. Do not accept the insurance company's offer after a disaster, unless you are completely satisfied with the final figures.

To talk about your Texas property damage claim, call an experienced Texas insurance claim attorney to find out how to protect your rights and make sure you are getting a fair settlement. You can reach the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 and schedule your free, no-obligation discussion of your case today.
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