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Homes Damaged in Joplin Storm From High Winds – What Victims Should Know About Wind Damage Claims

The storm season this spring has been devastating, as tornadoes, hail and high winds have hammered Midwest towns. One destructive storm in particular was the May 22, 2011 storm that devastated the town of Joplin, Missouri.

When the powerful storm struck this Missouri town, high winds that the storm created caused major damage to homes and buildings as it tore through the town of Joplin.

According to the National Weather Service, the storm was classified as an EF-5, which is one of the rarest tornadoes, with the strongest intensity rating and winds over 200 mph, and it was categorized as a multi-vortex twister. This explains the reason for the fierce winds, as there are other vortices spinning inside the main vortex which can add over 100 mph to the tornado's circulation.

These high winds were responsible for downed power lines, gas lines and trees, as well as throwing remnants of homes, buildings, cars and other materials across the roads. The wind speeds were so great that thousands of homes were destroyed in this storm. In fact, the latest count showed over 2,900 buildings, including a high school and a hospital, were destroyed

When High Winds Damage Your Home, File a Wind Damage Insurance Claim

If a tornado or powerful windstorm has left you with damage to your home, you need to file an insurance claim so you can recover damages. Filing the correct insurance forms as well as accounting for all the damage can be difficult, especially if you have just lived through a traumatic situation. An experienced insurance claim attorney can help you file the correct forms and help you obtain a high recovery.

If your insurance company denies any part of your wind damage claim, refuses to pay the claim, low-balls the claim, or only pays part of your claim, you need to talk with a skilled insurance claim lawyer to find out your rights to recovery.

Contact the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 to schedule a free legal consultation. A law firm that is experienced in handling tornado and wind claims can help you deal with your insurance company, as we can draw from our experts, meteorologists, and engineers to back up your claim and provide solid evidence. Having a skilled team on your side will most likely help you receive a higher recovery than you could get on your own. 

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