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The men and women who risk their lives fighting for our country are at the forefront of another battle, with the help of Houston bank fraud lawyer Bill Voss. Service members who have been overcharged by their banks have filed a class-action lawsuit in Harris County against Fort Hood National Bank, First National Bank of Texas, First Convenience Bank and First Community.

The plaintiffs in this case are mainly service members stationed at Fort Hood who have been overcharged by Fort Hood National Bank in Kileen – the only bank on base. The suit claims that the bank is manipulating clients’ accounts by taking the highest check out of a person’s account regardless of the date the check was issued. 

When this occurs, a person can end up being overdrawn and charged hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees. In fact, the plaintiffs named in the lawsuit have racked up thousands of dollars in bank fees throughout the years due to this process, which attorney Bill Voss is calling the high low system. This means that the transactions are being posted from highest to lowest dollar amount, rather than in the order in which they occurred.

When banks take debit card transactions and checks that come in, regardless of the date the check was issued, and withdraw the highest amount first even before any deposit is made, it is not right. When this type of unfair practice occurs, clients may be unwittingly bouncing checks and be charged a lot of money in overdraft fees. 

Although banks are in business to make money, they shouldn’t be doing so at the expense of their clients, who include members of the United States Armed Forces. When banks defraud customers and misrepresent the facts, they should be held accountable for their deceptive acts.

If you have been deceived by one of these banks and incurred excessive overdraft fees, you may eligible for this Fort Hood soldiers’ class-action lawsuit. To find out more about your rights, call the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 to speak with a Houston bank fraud lawyer in a free consultation today.
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Tracy 07/11/2012 07:28 PM
This very thing happened to me with First Convenience Bank in Fort Worth. I made three transactions and in the order that they were made would have been covered however the bank re-arranged the order causing my account to overdraft and assessed fees. The basically ripped me off.
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