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The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) can be confusing for many, especially those who are struggling to get the employee benefits that they were promised when they signed on to a new job. If you ask for advice from an attorney friend or family member, it’s likely that they will tell you to seek out legal advice from a lawyer who has past experience handling these sometimes-complicated federal cases. It’s also likely that you will meet with several Texas ERISA attorneys during a free consultation as you look for the right person to represent you.

What should you ask during these meetings, and what should you look for in an ERISA attorney?

  • Have you handled cases like mine before? These are a number of different types of ERISA cases, such as those involving disability, life insurance, and retirement benefits. Make sure your attorney has taken on cases like yours.
  • How often do you settle and how often do you go to court? The answer to this question can tell you a lot about a lawyer; you don’t want to choose someone who almost always or almost never goes to court. You want someone who has experience in court, but who is also willing to find a solution out of the courtroom.
  • What’s your philosophy and style? How aggressive is the attorney? How do they approach cases? What do they believe in when it comes to ERISA? Make sure your two approaches to the case match up.
  • How does payment work? Always ask exactly when payment is expected, under which circumstances the attorney will be paid, and how much his or her services are.

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