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How to Take a Thorough Property Inventory for Post-Sandy Recovery Explains Bill Voss

If you’ve had damage to your home or personal property because of Hurricane Sandy, you’ve probably already started or are just about to start the arduous insurance claim process. One of the first things your insurer will ask for is an inventory of all the items that have been damaged in the storm. Here’s how to take a thorough property inventory to ensure your post-Sandy recovery is smooth sailing:

Make a List of Items Room by Room
The easiest way to deal with inventorying storm damage is to go through your home, room by room, and make a list of all items that have been destroyed or damaged, and anything that’s missing. If you already had a home inventory prior to Sandy (it’s a good idea to keep an updated home inventory in the event of fire, theft or flooding) you should already have an inventory, and you can easily select the items that you’ll need to include in your claim.

Include as Many Details as Possible
When you’re putting together your home inventory, you should include as many details as possible about each item, such as where and when the item was purchased, how much it cost, the brand name, model number and serial number of the item. Depending on your policy and the insurer, you may get paid the value of the item when you originally purchased it, the value of the item minus any depreciation, or a policy limit for the item.

In some cases, the insurance settlement may not be enough to pay for the total cost of replacing damaged or destroyed items. If this happens, you should not attempt to negotiate with the insurer without a qualified policyholder insurance claim lawyer on your side. If you’re still having problems with your claim you can also visit, or give us a call for free legal advice.

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