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Hurricane Sandy Business Interruption Lawyer Bill Voss Talks Business Insurance Claims

Filing Business Interruption Claims

The next question for businesses filing Hurricane Sandy business interruption claims will be how to calculate the actual claim.  Of course the insurance company will have a set calculation that is very often set out in the policy itself.  But, as we all know, numbers and statistics can be manipulated or skewed depending on what the calculating party is trying to accomplish. 

Obviously, insurance companies are not in the business of writing business claim checks any larger than they have to be.  And, the insurance companies hire professionals to calculate these claims in their best interests.

To get what you deserve we help business owners with the following:

1.  Get temporary funds in place allowing to find alternative factories, warehouses or offices as required;
2.  Help you manage emergency works, for example temporary roofing, electrical safety, control of asbestos;
3.  Negotiate interim payments to cover emergency costs, such as re-stocking, staff wages, and replacement plant and computers;
4.  Assess and compile your insurance claim;Calculate your business interruption claim, including loss of profit and increased cost of working;
5.  Deal with the insurer and all their associates, including their loss adjuster, investigator, broker, surveyor, contractors, solicitors, etc.;
6.  File your lawsuit (if necessary); and
7.  Settle your claim, or obtain a verdict against your insurance carrier, for the amount you are owed, and not a penny less.

So, how do you protect yourself and your business interests to get you and your business the money that you deserve?  You paid for the coverage and you clearly suffered a loss: why not get all that you are entitled to.  Many business owners are very good at running their particular businesses, whether it be a bar owner or delicatessen, but they are not experts when it comes to crunching numbers.  They need to hire professionals as well to protect their business claims.

You reach out to us and let us assist you with your business interruption claim.  Superstorm Hurricane Sandy caused billions in busniness loss.  You are not alone.  Contact our Hurricane Lawyers today for your free no obligation consultation.

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