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Ice Storm Property Damage: Covered or Not Covered?

In the late winter and early spring, many unpredictable weather events can take place. A mix of cool air and warm air sometimes produces an ice storm. If you have been affected by an ice storm, you may have many questions about what is and is not covered under your insurance policy. Whether your property sustained roof damage and other property damages from downed trees and fallen tree branches, or if power outages cost your company money or led to spoiled food, find out here what is typically covered under most insurance policies.

  • Debris removal from property – most insurance policies do not cover debris removal for trees, unless the tree landed on a home or building. If a tree landed on a structure, the insurance company should pay for the tree removal. However, if the tree did not cause property damage, the homeowner or business owner would be responsible for removing the tree.
  • Neighbor’s tree damaged your property – if your neighbor’s tree fell on your home or business, your insurance company would be responsible for covering the damages. However, if you can prove that the neighbor’s tree was diseased or should have been removed, you may be able to get the neighbor’s insurance company to pay for your property damage.
  • Broken windows and roof damage – when trees break through windows or fall on roofs, insurance companies generally cover the property losses in these situations.
  • Spoiled food – power outages can cause food loss, and most insurance policies provide for a small amount. Of course, the deductible needs to be met in order to be able to recover for food loss. However, some policies allow for some upfront coverage for food loss.
  • Water damage – if the water damage was determined to be from frozen pipes that burst, the damage is usually covered if you have taken proper care of the pipes.  However, an insurance company may fight back if they think the pipes were too old or should have been replaced.

The purpose of insurance is to cover you when property damages occur. Unfortunately, insurance companies will not pay for everything. If your commercial or residential insurance claim is denied, call a skilled insurance claim attorney before accepting the insurer’s answer. The Voss Law Firm will provide you with a free consultation, contact us today at 888-614-7730.

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