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Wildfires are often caused by lightning strikes, as was the case with the High Park Fire that continues to burn west of Fort Collins, Colorado. This wildfire alone has consumed over 83,200 acres, making it the second largest wildfire in Colorado history. 

Sadly, wildfires are still raging in southwestern Colorado, northeastern Colorado and in other locations, causing many homeowners to fear for their safety and the safety of their homes. Already, 248 homes in the High Park Fire have been destroyed since June 9, making this fire the most destructive in Colorado history. 

Another Colorado wildfire that was started by lightning is still blazing after starting on May 13, 2012. This fire, the Little Sand Fire, has burned over 21,600 acres and destroyed homes and property along the way. 

Yet another fire in Colorado west of Colorado Springs, called the Waldo Canyon Fire, has forced approximately 11,000 people from their homes since June 23. Sadly, many people have lost their homes and their personal belongings in this fire that has consumed over 5,168 acres.

Unfortunately the dry spring and the blistering heat have caused the number of evacuations to continue to grow and fire damage to continue to expand. One fire that has been contained in Colorado is the Woodland Heights Fire, just west of Estes Park. Although this fire was small, consuming only 27 acres, it was extremely destructive, as it destroyed 22 homes. 

Wildfire damage in Colorado continues to leave homeowners in despair – without their homes or their personal belongings. If you have lost your home in the fire or your home was damaged by the wildfires, call a knowledgeable fire damage insurance claim attorney today for help making sure you get ample compensation from your homeowner’s insurance company. 

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