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Insurance Claim Lawyer Tells You What to Do if Your Car has been Flooded by Hurricane Sandy

In a storm that spanned nearly 1,000 miles up and down the Eastern Seaboard, many people are assessing their storm damage only to find that Hurricane Sandy flooded their cars. If your car was flooded by Hurricane Sandy, don’t just try to start it up and drive it away! Here’s what you need to know:

Call Your Insurer
If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, your vehicle’s damage should be covered by your insurance. If all you carry is liability, however, you won’t have any insurance coverage for your car. If you do have insurance, call your insurer to start the claims process ASAP. With the high volume of claims that the insurers are currently processing, any delay in filing a claim could lead to big delays in getting things taken care of.

Take Pictures of the Damage
Take pictures of the damage to your car. If possible, get pictures of how high the water was. If you have standing water in your car, take pictures before you attempt to dry it out. Thorough photo documentation will help with the claim process, and can help you dispute the insurance company if they deny or undervalue your claim.

Don’t Start the Car, if Possible
In general, you shouldn’t attempt to start a car that has been flooded until it has been inspected by a professional. Starting a car that has been flooded can cause more damage, in some cases. If your car’s seats are dry, it’s unlikely that the water reached high enough to damage critical components, but most insurers advise against starting the car, and it may constitute grounds to give you a less favorable claim result.

Replace All Fluids
Your engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid and other fluids can become contaminated when your car is fluid. It’s important to have your fluids flushed and replaced with uncontaminated fluids - preferably before you attempt to start or drive the car.

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