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Hurricane Isaac comes at the end of a summer season filled with severe weather events that have hit almost every part of the U.S. From droughts in the Midwest and Plains, to wildfires in the west, storms in the east and hurricanes in the south, this nation has seen its share of extreme weather over the last few months.

Sadly, Isaac didn’t help this country’s economic situation as it has caused tens of thousands of people property damage, losses and commercial and residential insurance claims. Although Isaac was only a Category 1, any hurricane that makes landfall causes damage and disrupts commerce. In fact, the entire country can feel the effects from one hurricane due to the millions or billions in property damages and transportation and energy infrastructure damages.

Each year the Gulf Coast including Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama have an average of $14 billion in damages caused by:

  • Hurricanes
  • High winds
  • Significant storm surge that causes flooding

Hurricane-related damages can take place in communities that are even inland. If you suffered flood damage, wind damage, storm surge damage, or any other hurricane-related damage following Hurricane Isaac, you need to make sure you receive the correct insurance payout under your policy.

Because there are millions of dollars in losses, insurance companies frequently attempt to settle each insurance property claim for as little money as possible. For help with your hurricane insurance claim, call an experienced Texas insurance litigation lawyer at the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 today.

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