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Life Insurance Claim Denied Because of COVID-19 Diagnosis?

We recently received an email from a potential client stating that her husband passed away due to COVID-19 and their life insurance carrier was denying their life insurance claim in Texas because COVID-19 was not listed on their policy!  This is absolutely mind-boggling! Hasn't someone suffered enough already?

Typically, your insurer cannot change your premiums or your health classification because you have or had COVID. 

This remains true if you are at higher risk of exposure due to your job or recent travel to a virus hot spot.

Recent claims on social media that life insurance companies will not pay off on a policy if the customer received a COVID-19 vaccine are "entirely false," according to the American Council of Life Insurers...well let me tell you something - BS.  We are getting calls and emails from people stating this is absolutely the case.  Wrongful denials are happening!

COVID Vaccine and Insurance Claims

Life insurers should never consider whether or not a policyholder has received a COVID vaccine when deciding whether to pay a claim!

Individual life insurance Covid-related claims accounted for 9.6% of total individual life insurance claims recently.

The level of individual life insurance claims in almost every month last year increased compared to 2019.

Should the unthinkable happen, the beneficiary will need to file a claim by taking the following steps. 

Follow These Steps To File A Claim

  • Obtain several certified copies of the death certificate;
  • Contact the policyholder’s insurance company directly for claim paperwork;
  • Send in the required documents with a certified copy of the death certificate; and
  • You're entitled to be represented by an attorney during this process. In the event that the insurance carrier wishes to take your testimony, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced attorney immediately.


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