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List of Common Leaks and Water Intrusion Problems

List of common leaks and water intrusion problems.

1. Interior Leaks
Interior leaks may be difficult to notice, but many times interior leaks will show themselves by leaks in the ceilings or bubbling of the plaster on your home's walls. Interior leaks not only indicate plumbing problems but can also lead to the deterioration of your home's frame and foundation.
Not all construction defects are readily apparent, and the problems that arise from these construction defects are not always obvious. Therefore, you need to be vigilant when you move into your new home, and if you notice a problem, the worst thing you can do is to wait to protect your rights. Contact a construction defect attorney immediately.
2. Water Leaks into Non-ventilated Areas Adjacent to Windows
Water leaks into non-ventilated areas adjacent to windows always indicate serious structural problems with your home. If you happen to see water leaks into non-ventilated areas adjacent to windows, however, you do need to act quickly, as unwanted water in any area of your home can lead to irreparable damage if it's not repaired immediately.
Regardless of the cause or specific facts that surround a circumstance, water existing where it shouldn't within a home never leads to a positive result if it goes on without the proper attention. These are also clear signs of construction defects, which means that you should contact an experienced attorney immediately.
3. Water Intrusion
Water intrusion is usually a sign of a deeper problem with the construction of your home. If you notice any type of water intrusion, you need to call an expert for closer inspection. The expert you need could be a plumber or a contractor, as there's no telling where the water intrusion originates. What can be foretold is the serious damage that will usually follow any type of water intrusion.
4. Water through Foundation Wall
Water through foundation walls is not something that should be taken lightly, as that indicates a problem with your foundation's integrity. If a foundation is not properly poured, your home will eventually become unlivable. If you notice the leaking of water through your foundation wall, call a contractor immediately to make sure that this issue does not fester.
5. Water in Crawlspace
Water in your crawlspace is a symptom of bigger problems in your home or condo's construction. Water in your crawlspace can be the result of faulty plumbing and can ultimately degrade the integrity of your home's frame overall.
Water in your home where it wouldn't normally be found is not a good thing, and if you notice water in any of these areas, you need to take swift action to protect your rights. Failing to do so in a timely manner can leave you responsible not only for the repairs but also for any damages that result from these conditions. You can prevent this result by contacting a construction defect attorney immediately.
6. Moisture Migration though Slabs
Moisture migration through slabs can have serious consequences on any home or structure, and if you notice the result of moisture migration through slabs, which is usually presented in the form of puddles, your foundation could be in danger.
7. Cracks, Alligatoring, and Checks Leading to Water Intrusion to Subgrade
Cracks, alligatoring and checks leading to water intrusion to subgrades are serious construction defects, as it only takes a microscopic opening for water to find a pathway to destruction. Your subgrade is crucial to the long-term stability of your home or condo, and any compromise of the subgrade can lead to disastrous consequences.
8. Water Intrusion into the Framing System and Living Spaces Resulting In:
Dryrot in the Wood Framing System
Water intrusion into the framing system and living spaces can lead to dryrot in the wood framing system, and this dryrot can result in nothing short of the total collapse of walls in your home or condo.
Water-stained Gypsum Board
Water intrusion into the framing system and living spaces can also result in water-stained gypsum board, which will not only result in you having to replace the gypsum board, but could also lead to more serious issues such as deterioration of the wall itself.
Damaged Flooring Materials, Carpeting and Interior Furnishing
Water intrusion into the framing system and living spaces can result in seriously damaged flooring materials, carpeting and interior furnishings, and this damage could result in a homeowner having to replace several highly-expensive components of a livable household for both aesthetic and safety reasons.
9. Wet Insulation
Wet insulation creates serious problems with the overall integrity of the structure being built, as any type of wet insulation could potentially create unwanted moisture within the framework of the walls throughout your home. This can lead to several other serious problems within your home.

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