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Does Your Municipality Have a Storm Debris Plan in Place?

For many cities across the nation, summer heralds the beginning of storm season. Most municipalities plan and budget for at least a few moderately severe storms each year, but what happens when the damage and debris from a severe storm is more than your budget and manpower can handle? While you planned for the occasional cleanup of fallen branches and other weather-related debris, how will you respond if severe weather creates a demand for a much larger debris-removal response than you have prepared for?

The weight of action is on local governments in the immediate aftermath of a severe storm. Municipalities must react quickly to get an adequate assessment of the scope of the damage and start clearing debris. When storm debris isn’t cleared quickly, key recovery efforts can be delayed, including:

  • Rescue efforts
  • Recovery of utility service
  • Clearing of transportation routes
  • Stabilization of damage and threats to public health

If you need help developing a recovery plan for your district or community, or if you are running into delays and difficulties getting the financial assistance you need, don’t hesitate to consult with our experienced legal team today for further guidance. We have extensive experience helping cities, states, government organizations, and other large-scale policyholders respond to damaging storms and create efficient recovery plans, and we would be happy to provide no-obligation assistance today.

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