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Although Hurricane Ike seems like a long time ago, many residents are still dealing with their insurance claims, as are homeowners that suffered damage in Hurricane Irene. Unfortunately, many residents have found that their insurance companies are fighting against paying their hurricane insurance claims.

In the case of Hurricane Ike, many homeowners have moved forward with lawsuits against the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association with the help of an attorney. Sometimes homeowners can only do so much in dealing with their insurance companies and need to get assistance from an insurance claim attorney in order to move forward. 

When attorneys file lawsuits, it causes insurance companies to take the matter seriously. Additionally, lawyers skilled in this area of law know how to negotiate with the insurance company, know how to interpret your insurance policy and know what amount you should receive. 

How do you know when you should hire an attorney for your hurricane insurance claim?
  • If you are not getting a straight answer from the insurance company
  • If your insurance claim is delayed
  • If your insurance claim has been denied
  • If you did not receive adequate or fair claim coverage

If you related to any of the above points, then you would most likely benefit from the assistance of an insurance litigation lawyer to help move your claim along and get what you deserve. Call a skilled insurance lawyer at the Voss Law Firm to help move forward after your hurricane insurance claim at 888-614-7730 for a free consultation today.
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