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My Bastrop Fire Claim Got Denied – Now What?

If your home was damaged in the Bastrop fire, you are relying on your insurance company to come through for you. You may even be living somewhere else in the meantime, waiting for your insurance money to come in so you can rebuild or repair the damage to your home. However, if that money doesn't come in or isn't enough, you may need to turn to a skilled Texas fire claim attorney for help.

What You Need to Know About Insurance Claim Denials
  • You have the right to ask the insurance company for the denial reason in writing. If the insurance company denies your fire damage claim, ask for the denial reason to be sent to you in the mail or via email. Your attorney will want to see this.
  • You have a right to appeal a denial or even an offer that is too low. If your homeowner's insurance denies your Bastrop fire claim, you can appeal their decision. Talk with a lawyer so that you know how to make an appeal properly.
  • You have the right to hire an attorney. A residential insurance claim attorney will help you appeal your denial. They know what to look for and what your policy covers, will get the right repair estimate to support your claim, and will fight your battle for you to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Insurance policies can be complex, and insurance adjusters use this to their advantage. They know that most people do not know their insurance policy coverage amounts. Because of this, sometimes insurance companies act in bad faith - not giving their clients what they truly deserve.

If your fire claim was denied or the insurance company did not make you a fair offer for your Bastrop fire claim, talk with an experienced Texas insurance claim attorney at the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 and receive a free, no-obligation consultation.
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