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Texas Policyholders are Getting Frozen Out of Their Insurance Claim Payments

Insurance companies have decided they don't want to pay insurance claims related to the freeze, especially related to pipe burst claims.  They seem to be taking the position paying claims has just gotten too expensive and their only play is to underpay, delay, and deny claims - for little to no reason.  I think you agree with me - this is simply unacceptable.  I wish I could say this is a new tactic. 

If enough policyholders would come together and file lawsuits insurance carriers will take notice.  This is exactly what has happened in the past.  There have been occasions in the past where policyholders came together, hired a law firm, and said enough is enough.  That law firm happens to be us, The Voss Law Firm, P.C.  We did such a good job we not only able to affect real change in the law, but the carriers sent in their headhunters to try and shut us down.  True story.  They got with their "media" contacts and started writing fake news about the firm, they approached insurance friendly judges and tried to get them to levy fines, you name it - the insurance companies played dirty pool.  Well, too bad for them - none of their dirty tactics worked.  As the dust settled they came to the table and paid for all their wrongdoing.

So, if you have (or had) a freeze claim, or any other claim for that matter, that was denied, delayed, or underpaid by an unscrupulous insurance carrier call us and we will not stop until they are forced to pay you what you are owed!

We are contingency fee based - no hourly fees, no billing, just pay if we win, period.


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Aggressive Texas policyholder attorney that fights hard for his clients and won't stop until he wins
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