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Pursuing a Business Litigation Lawsuit is NOT for Everyone

You are probably wondering why a Texas business attorney is writing about the fact that business litigation lawsuits aren’t for everyone. The truth of the matter is that they aren’t for the faint-hearted. 
If you are someone who is anxious or fearful about going to court, pursuing a legal case of this nature may cause you too much stress and turmoil. This is why you need a skilled Texas business litigation lawyer on your side to analyze your case and give you candid advice. It may be in your best interest to pursue business litigation, but there may be other alternatives, such as mediation and arbitration that could benefit your specific situation.
There is no one answer for everyone, which is why you should have a business attorney assess your case to determine if you should go down this route or not. When you meet with the attorney, be prepared to ask certain questions about your specific situation.
The following five questions are examples of questions you may want to ask your attorney:
  1. A former employee started a business that is directly competing with mine. Can I sue over trade secrets?
  2. Will the cost of business litigation exceed the projected benefits?
  3. What is your strategy and how do you handle cases of this nature?
  4. How long do you expect this case to take, or what is an average time frame to keep in mind? 
  5. Are there any disadvantages of pursuing business litigation?
In order to find out if business litigation is for you and your business, call the Voss Law Firm and speak with an experienced Texas business litigation lawyer at (866) 276-6179 and receive a free legal consultation today
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Victoria 03/25/2012 05:22 AM
Very sound advice indeed. A business litigation lawsuit can be a very stressful affair, and it is worse if the results were not as rosy as your may have pictured. Weighing the cost and benefits regarding the lawsuit with a skilled lawyer would help you choose the best options before the actual lawsuit. Sometimes it is better to avoid a legal battle if better alternatives are available.
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Jeanette Hayworth 08/21/2012 05:55 AM
I agree that you do need an experienced lawyer by your side when you are undergoing a business lawsuit. That person has to be familiar with local laws and having a business background would be even better. However, are there any ways to review whether a lawyer is good, based on his past successes of similar lawsuits?
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