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Oil & Gas Policyholders Benefit From Regularly Reviewing Their Hurricane Plans

Industrial properties related to the production and refinement of oil and natural gas can suffer extreme losses when a major hurricanes moves in, so it’s extremely important for policyholders to have effective plans in place. However, oil & gas policyholders can’t just “set it and forget it” when it comes to hurricane emergency plans—it’s also important to regularly:

  • Review your insurance coverage. An industrial site’s insurance needs can change over time, so don’t wait until a hurricane is on its way to make sure your coverage fits your current situation. Regular reviews of your hurricane coverage can help you avoid “surprise” denials and keep you up to date on your responsibilities as a policyholder.
  • Review your emergency plan. Is your hurricane plan tailored to the real needs of your facility in an emergency? Make sure that you have plans in place for safely shutting down, evacuating, and dealing with power interruptions in a hurricane scenario, and include a plan for recovery after a major loss event. 
  • Think about communication. Contacts and phone numbers change over time, and outdated information can translate into ineffective emergency communication and a lot of wasted time. As you review your other plans and protocols, don’t forget to also verify and update emergency contact numbers for company contacts, employees, customers, suppliers, officials, and local authorities.

Complex oil & gas sites are vulnerable to a wide range of losses in a hurricane, but they can’t always rely on a prompt and straightforward claims process in the aftermath. If you are having trouble resolving a claim for hurricane losses on an industrial property, contact our experienced attorneys directly at 888-614-7730 to discuss your concerns.


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